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Sam Rolland

Are you looking to become independent in sustaining a fit and healthy lifestyle? Do you want the knowledge and skills to build and maintain a strong body and mind? Are you looking to become more confident, resilient, fulfilled and energised? Improve your self-esteem, body image, mood and brain function? Reduce stress? My goal is to help you to achieve any or all of the above.

I empower my clients to live the lifestyle they love, whilst practicing discipline through the implementation and maintenance of health habits.

I place high importance on selecting the appropriate exercises for your unique body, and coaching you to execute movements effectively and efficiently, maximising your progress, and ensuring your safety.

My journey into the fitness industry stemmed from my own injury rehabilitations and quest for improved physical and mental health. Outside of managing Club Carrefour and working with clients, I invest in my own well-being, engaging in activities such as strength training, running, meditation, yoga, and cold and heat therapy, while also enjoying time in nature, socializing over food and drinks, and watching my favourite sports, football, boxing, and MMA.


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • Level 3 Sports Massage

  • Access to Higher Education Diploma in Human Physiology, Psychology, Chemistry, and Physics


Carrefour Members will receive 10% discount on Sam's prices.

  • 1:1 45 Minute Session £50

  • 2:1 45 Minute Session £60

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