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Hollie McVitte

I'm Hollie Mcvittie, an L4 Personal Trainer, specializing in diabetes & obesity. I'm also a competitive bodybuilder and fitness & nutrition coach. In April 2020, I founded Joy Training to share my passion for fitness and help you discover your unlimited potential.

At Joy Training, I'm committed to boosting your confidence and helping you invest in your "health pension" – a term I coined to describe building your physical and emotional well-being. Just as we invest in a financial pension fund, our health deserves the same attention.

I pour my soul into coaching, and my long-term clients see lasting results and benefits. Choose from my coaching packages, and you'll become part of a supportive community, where you'll receive the guidance you need for sustained success. My goal is to teach you the behaviours that lead to long-term results, so you not only achieve your body goals but also know how to maintain them.

With me, you can develop at your own pace, learn intelligent training, and understand the best dietary choices for your goals. We can adapt as your goals and lifestyle evolve. I offer various tools, from charity events to personalized guidance, to keep you on track and inspired.

The true keys to body transformation might surprise you. Explore testimonials and transformations below to see the possibilities.

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